Travessia ∞ Muxima
  • Reitoria da Universidade do Porto
  • May 14 - June 27

In collaboration with Cinthia Bodenhorst, Lígia Ferro, Beatriz Lacerda, Maria Cláudia Henriques, Dori Nigro, Ismael Calliano and additional community contributors.

In a collaborative, “expanded documentary” project. Meiselas invited members of Porto’s Black community to guide her on virtual walks through the city’s streets, sharing memories of their daily lives and revealing aspects of Porto that remain invisible to many local residents. By featuring stories generated from these exchanges, Meiselas’s experimental project asks: what kinds of “crossings” shape Black life in Porto? Is it possible to traverse—across time, space and various technologies— to develop meaningful personal relationships during our current global pandemic?

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