Bienal'19 Fotografia do Porto workshop
Bienal'19 Fotografia do Porto workshop
  • Casa Tait
  • May 15 - 16 10:00 - 14:00

Art in Action - Climate and Social Responsibility comprises a series of workshops that will explore the importance of artistic practices as a potential force in a cultural reconstruction that needs to be based on real and radical change, socio-environmental responsibility and participatory practices with the ability to cement the concepts of community, network and platform.

The cultural sector can be central to ‘cultural reconstruction’, which means a fundamental mental and practical change urgently needed in order to save our planet. Art, artists and art professionals can be an important part of this transformation. But practically speaking, how? How people working in the visual art environment could act in a more responsible manner and ensure a more sustainable economy for our professional sector?

The current global crisis demands real and radical change. It is imperative that what we create is supported by good practices and knowledge related to environmental emergencies. In practice, we need to propose new strategies for professionals in our field, rooted in social and environmental responsibility. It is crucial to build networks, communities and platforms linked with the outside world, by organizing participatory projects and providing inspiring narrative contexts.

It is an interdisciplinary and cross-sector workshop addressed mainly to art professionals working at festivals, museums, art fairs, galleries, independent artists, curators, producers and individuals working in the visual art sector who wish to enhance their knowledge and practical skills to address social and climatological concerns. The main purpose of the open space meeting is to generate, co-create, exchange and share new solutions.

The workshop will be held in English.

The applications are closed.

Adrian Krezlik
Alice Bonnot
Carlos Barradas
Clara Antunes
Eunice Gonçalves Duarte
Filipa Frois Almeida
Gustavo Tavares
Inês Abreu
Jayne Dyer
Luísa Rodrigues
María Sainz Arandía
Silvy Crespo

Strategic Partner: FUTURES, Europe-based photography platform


Sold out

Maximum attendance

12 (in accordance with current epidemiological restrictions)


Free of charge


Open space workshop for visual culture professionals
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